Structural timber is natural wood dried using a technological process, and has a moisture content of up to 18%. The structural timber is made by lengthwise joining of the components to make structural elements that are longer than natural timber. Polyurethane adhesive is used to glue the pieces together, as it leaves a light-coloured joint. The structural timber must be protected in outdoor conditions either by pressure treatment or varnish, depending on where it is used.

Area of use:

  • Roof battens
  • Timber frame walls in residential construction
  • Floor and ceiling beams and frame
  • Rafters
  • Overhanging roof beams

Technical specifications:

Species of wood Spruce
Quality Non-visible
Strength category S 10 / C 24
Manufacturing standard EN385;DIN 68140-1
Adhesive Polyurethane PU, light, DIN 68141; EN 301
Moisture content 15 + – 3%
Sorting Visual DIN 4074-1
Surface quality Calibrated on four sides, chamfered edges, quality non-visible
Packaging Film package
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